The Museum

The facility is part of a building from the 1800s, located in the Parioli district, precisely in the Acqua Acetosa area.

The building is of significant historical value and falls under the protection of cultural heritage. From its high windows, one can see the Acqua Acetosa fountain attributed to Gian Lorenzo Bernini, located just a few meters away. The structure has been acquired by an important contemporary master, the painter Bruno Bruni (Bruno D’Acervia).

By choice, we have decided to preserve some structures of his studio to allow visitors to "breathe" its scent. The roofs made of ancient wooden beams and the ceilings frame, in an environment deliberately left "antique," the prestigious collection of historical artifacts and ancient equipment.

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Via dei Campi Sportivi 2/a,
Roma – 00197


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Monday-Saturday: 11.00 - 19.30
Sunday: closed