Roma Tattoo Museum

The origins

This project was born after nearly thirty years spent in the magical world of tattooing. Recently, I felt an extreme need to give back to what has made me who I am today. Over these years, I have been fortunate enough to live and understand this environment, full of culture, mystery, and wonderful stories. The intention is to preserve the ancient spirit of this craft and to make available to everyone the opportunity to know its true essence/soul.

Thanks also to the friendship and support of Gian Maurizio Fercioni, his wife Luisa Gnecchi, Gippi Rondinella, Gabriele and Gianluca Donnini, and my great friend Claudia, I found the strength and enthusiasm to embark on this exciting adventure that aims to be a tribute to the old generations of tattoo artists and an opportunity for new ones to enrich their knowledge and carry this wonderful culture into the future, preserving and protecting it over time.

The founder

La collezione
The collection